• Company Profile
    • Chung Tien Enterprise Co., Ltd., located in Taipei, Taiwan, was found in 1977. We are one of the biggest trading companies for sewing machines and generic machinery parts in Taiwan, dealing business with several companies globally.

      During the past years, we have successfully built excellent reputation regarding to our business relationships; parts quality; competitive prices and deliveries. We have the best partnership with our suppliers in Taiwan producing the best possible quality of parts. We own the most efficient employees and maintain the best supplying partners in Taiwan for more than 40 years. Being honest to our business partners and clients is our only marketing strategy.  We do have more than hundreds of our customers, and we do maintain the best relationship with them as possible for past years. In addition to our quality products, we do supply with reasonable price and prompt delivery to our customers, which have helped them to compete in current competitive market.

  • Your Competitive Advantages
    • While we are serving you the parts and machines with good prices and high quality, we are also offering you the competitive advantages in this current competitive market. Lowest price doesn't mean good in the current global world, sometimes and most of the times. Most people understand that it will be the best to have good prices with excellent qualities; we do offer those benefits. Over the past of more than 40 years, we have offered our customers the best possible quality parts with reasonable-low prices. We understand that it also brings our customers beneficial advantages in current competitive market. 

  • After Sale Service
    • Chung Tien expects to have a long-term business relationship with all of our customers; therefore, we do offer after-sale services to all goods that we sell.  Any parts and machine that purchased from CT will be guaranteed on quality. Any reasonable NG item will be returnable from our customers. Any modification on products will be made followed by customers'instructions. As one of the best business-trading firm for sewing machine parts in Taiwan, we build an excellent relationship not only with our clients but also our supplying partners.  This supply chain has been helping us for fulfillment our after-sale service completed.

  • New production line
    • With our past abundant experiences on sewing machinery parts, we have been successfully built a new production line –300W and 300U series machines. With our "highly-recommendation" of our products, 300UB5 (300U Tape Edge Machine) is one of our best products that we are proudly to introduce to our clients. Furthermore, 101, 103, 194, 205, 405 are also our proud products in our sewing machine line.  Please take a look on our machine line in our products.  You are welcome to send any inquiry or question for any machine and parts.

      In addition to our sewing machines and parts, we also custom-made many various machinery parts such as parts for laundry and hosiery machines.  Please visit our page of parts for laundry and hosiery machines to have some brief ideas. However, we do have an agent for above such parts in USA. In order to maintain our business reputation, we are not permitted to sell our laundry and hosiery machinery parts to any company in USA. Please see more details on relative page.

      Now, please take a look of our product introductions in our website. You will find out how different we are from any other sewing supplier. In addition to any of the parts you can see in our website, any parts you request that not list on our website is possible for us to search for you. Please kindly send us your inquiries with parts numbers or sketches; we will search the best parts for you. Any parts with enough information can be custom-made.

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